Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The summer holiday is almost here

I know you are looking forward to the summer holiday. You really deserve it.

What do you do during this holiday?

What would you like to do?

Where do you go?

Where would you like to go?

Post your comments here, and remember to check this blog from time to time.

Happy holiday!


  1. hello !! This summer I will not do something special I go to sea to train myself but fun ,the rest for me this summer is one long performance workout that I do .

    I wish my colleagues a pleasant holiday !!!
    Nastasie Robert

  2. Anghel Denisa

    1.Much to say but mainly the beach ..
    2.I walk with friends and having fun ..
    3.In the countryside, I see Alba and more ..

  3. Isfan Irina

    This summer will go to great
    and will do everything I like

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